About Us

As painting and stucco craftsmen for well over thirty years, the Long Island Stucco has left its distinctive marks of creative genius on many classic, traditional and uniquely distinguished buildings across the United States. As pioneers and accomplished acrylic applicators in the industry, Long Island Stucco perfected their technique in 1982 by importing their own custom formulated acrylic stucco interior/exterior wall finish, Decoplast. Long Island Stucco also imported Venetian Plaster from Italy, which is custom formulated exclusively for interior applications.

With a well earned and impeccable reputation for outstanding workmanship, utilizing their exclusive superior stucco products, other contractors desired to try to duplicate their process to match their appearance. With the stucco look gaining popularity Decoplast and Venetian Plaster were soon in great demand, locally and nationally wide spread.

Today, Decoplast exterior acrylic wall finish is very popular in many parts of the U.S. It can be seen on the facades of buildings, which bear nationally acclaimed trademarks.